Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sesangat la keji...

Owh.. tiba2 semangat wa kembali membara bila terbaca satu..em dua dan lebih blog post dari sorang ni lah yang mcm mengajak wa berperang blog post dgn dia...

nak kata member em.. member la jugak.gaduh pun tak.tapi dia memang suka ajak wa berperang.tak kira la dari guna YM,SMS dan sekarang menggunakan blog peribadi dia pulak.

em..memang sangat keji lah.....

tapi dia ni memang berani arr membuat statement2 maut melalui tajuk2 blog dan ayat2 yang mengajak wa ber kung-fu dengan dia.kalau depan mata dah lama wa sekeh2 dan tarik2 rambut dia nih.hehe

nak ajak wa main kasar kan??

siap lu makcik.....hehehe

p/s : kalau tau kelmarin wa stay KL lama sikit.silap la wa tak lunch dgn lu.kalau tak,tau lah mcmana wa nak grip leher lu....huhu


Nak tulis apa pun tak tau..

nak cakap apa2 pun takda mood...

entahlah kenapa sejak akhir2 ni.

ke hulu hilir,naik turun KL,

tapi apa2 project pun tak jadi.

em...memang bulan yang sangat murung dan memboringkan....

Thursday, June 4, 2009


L'Arc en-Ciel is one of the biggest band in j-rock music genre that i love most other than Judy and Mary,Shingo,Glay and many others.to me, this j-rock super band creates high composing music with outstanding instruments playing ability's that blend modern rock style ,jazz and souls with passions always makes me to pick up my bass guitar and start play along with their musics.

i dont know y i fall in love with this "j-rock" things.LOL!
maybe it its gauge between Brits and Americans style of music are very different and its like an experiment to me playing this type of music style..
maybe if u know music..if u know how to judge,u would say this band always produce "outstanding and expensive music"...maybe.maybe i'm a passion guy with wrong judgment hehe....

"stay away" and "drivers high" is the proof if u understand what im trying to say......

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Girl Friday....

the "Malaysian super grunge"band or been called "the godfather of nirvana",
butterfingers reminds me of the old times underground scenes ever..
i don't know what other people think about this band
to me its full of inspirations and passions that always makes grunge music still alive until today.
"GUNGE" will never die......lol....

from the second album"butterworth pushful" this son called "girl friday"

Girl Friday

Ain't that hard to live alone
ain't that far to be from home
cause gravity can never pull me... down..

calculate the days i've spent
procrastinating god knows when..
grow in silence feverish of... flu...
and again it's me, myself and I.....

fall on me
stand aside trying to keep my cool!..
stand in line feeling like a fool
it's getting late now get back in your.... bed
then remembered as what my daddy said....
what'cha gonna be?
u can also get the tablature here: