Thursday, June 4, 2009


L'Arc en-Ciel is one of the biggest band in j-rock music genre that i love most other than Judy and Mary,Shingo,Glay and many me, this j-rock super band creates high composing music with outstanding instruments playing ability's that blend modern rock style ,jazz and souls with passions always makes me to pick up my bass guitar and start play along with their musics.

i dont know y i fall in love with this "j-rock" things.LOL!
maybe it its gauge between Brits and Americans style of music are very different and its like an experiment to me playing this type of music style..
maybe if u know music..if u know how to judge,u would say this band always produce "outstanding and expensive music"...maybe.maybe i'm a passion guy with wrong judgment hehe....

"stay away" and "drivers high" is the proof if u understand what im trying to say......

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