Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Girl Friday....

the "Malaysian super grunge"band or been called "the godfather of nirvana",
butterfingers reminds me of the old times underground scenes ever..
i don't know what other people think about this band
to me its full of inspirations and passions that always makes grunge music still alive until today.
"GUNGE" will never die......lol....

from the second album"butterworth pushful" this son called "girl friday"

Girl Friday

Ain't that hard to live alone
ain't that far to be from home
cause gravity can never pull me... down..

calculate the days i've spent
procrastinating god knows when..
grow in silence feverish of... flu...
and again it's me, myself and I.....

fall on me
stand aside trying to keep my cool!..
stand in line feeling like a fool
it's getting late now get back in your.... bed
then remembered as what my daddy said....
what'cha gonna be?
u can also get the tablature here:


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