Saturday, October 24, 2009

Its kinda weird but its true.......

No idea for my new have time for story tellin.
But someone just give me this idea several hours ago.
so i have this wicked idea....
but pakai nama samaran sahaja...

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Makcik: hi

Pakcik: hi juga

Makcik: sibuk ke?

Pakcik: tak juga

Pakcik: adalah sikit2 kerja

Makcik: owh.. ok.. sorry to disturb u then

Pakcik: em its prob

Makcik: i hope u dont blog about this too yea. hopefully

Pakcik: blog??

Makcik: yeap

Pakcik: anything wrong bout ma blog meh?

Pakcik: ada yg xkena?

Makcik: nothing. hopefully tak akan jadi topic utk blog u tu lagi. and i am sorry for not answering ur previous question..

Makcik: here's the answer: im doing good. tq

Pakcik: maybe...

Pakcik: but this conv is extremely interesting..

Pakcik: no need to say anythin.always knowin ur doin good all the time..

Makcik: then, u suggest that we shud end it?

Makcik: r u copying all of this?

Makcik: hahaha

Makcik: m kidding

Pakcik: nope

Pakcik: but never thought of that

Pakcik: interestin....

Pakcik: such an idea

Makcik: intentionally asking me u say my fav phrase.. still sarcastic you!

Makcik: u always have been u know that

Pakcik: if its in your mond,it will always be.

Pakcik: if not,it will never be.

Pakcik: im nobody to judge people.u always the person ive ever know.

Makcik: i didnt get u?

Makcik: anyways, hows ething with u? good?

Pakcik: cuma ayat2 pelik n mengarut je

Pakcik: forget it

Pakcik: stil the sarcastic me..

Makcik: anyways, u r not answering me.. how r u n ething?

Pakcik: em how to say..

Pakcik: happy..

Pakcik: ok?

Pakcik: u?

Makcik: same i guess.

Makcik: anyways, m sorry, i gotta grab my dinner before i catch my flight..

Makcik: so i guess we talk soon

Makcik is typing a message.

Makcik: take care.

Pakcik: flight??

Pakcik: em okey.

Pakcik: take care.

thats all...
Nothin special.just conversation that we never have before or what i can say that its more than 100 words....
the one n only person in the world claim that I'm the sarcastic person.(maybe dia tgk cerita mat salleh yg jumpa hantu girlfriend dia tu kot.ntahlah tajuk pun dah lupa.

we never had long conversation like this before.
makes me wonder why.its kinda weird.......huhu :)

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