Saturday, October 31, 2009

PayPal supports Ringgit Malaysia (RM) – It’s Official!

Finally,there is way to transfer PayPal Funds to Malaysia Ringgit(RM) to Maybank or other bank in Malaysia.convert them to RM by withdrawing them to your local bank account directly. Instructions here.

What are the implications for Malaysia Merchants (and the new countries PayPal starts supporting?). We cannot predict the future, but for every new market which PayPal enters, normally the e-commerce activity will spur as it has become really easy for businesses (esp small businesses) to start accepting online payment and thus making e-commerce a very practical and attractive channel for them to expand their businesses.

In the eye of PayPal, Malaysia has been perceived as a favorite cross-border trading (aka export) and our English based speaking crowd is seen as an advantage (when it comes to product content, still, need to sort out on “what to sell”). Will we live up to the expectation? Well, time will tell.

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